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The 6 double bedrooms and the Suite with breakfast

The 6 double bedrooms and Suite are bright and welcoming with magnificent views over the Hills of Siena. At breakfast – under the pergola – you are welcomed into our garden. Breakfast is served from 9 to 10:30am, with a selection of sweet and savory local specialties: cold cuts and pecorino cheese made by small local producers, homemade bread and cakes, organic jams … A good breakfast sets you up for the day!


All the bedrooms and the Suite are equipped with:
– Organic teas and infusions
– A private and very comfortable bathroom
– Hairdryer
– Air conditioning
– Heating
– Safe
– Free wifi in the bedrooms and the suite, in all common areas, beside the pool

Celeste (light blue) – “Comfort” double-bedroom


The view from the bedroom window is to the south where the twinkling hilltop lights of Montalcino are only a 15-minute-drive away. To the north-west the skyline of medieval Siena merges into magnificent golden sunsets.

The colour Celeste brings calm and helps meditation. It also promotes sleep.

Associated with the fifth Chakra, Celeste tends to lower blood pressure.

It shares the landing with only another bedroom (ROSA). For this reason CELESTE and ROSA can comfortably accommodate a family of 4 or 5.


Rosa (rose pink) – “Comfort” double-bedroom


Looking outside the bedroom window to the west your gaze is lost in the graceful, natural landscape that is mesmerizing, while the upper crest of the sun is disappearing below the horizon.

Rosa is the color that lightens the mind and symbolizes the ability to open up to others in a continuous and balanced exchange between giving and receiving. It also inspires the capacity to forgive and the mutual need to give and receive affection.

It shares the landing with only another bedroom (CELESTE). For this reason ROSA and CELESTE can comfortably accommodate a family of 4 or 5.

Limoncino (soft yellow) – “Standard” double bedroom


Stunning views from the bedroom to the West over the Sienese hills and to the North over the barn and swimming pool. This intimate bedroom narrates our sailings around the world with its walls covered with nautical charts, including one of our last adventures crossing the Atlantic on a sailing boat, driven by the trade winds. We have much to tell you in summer days. Ask us and we will be happy to share with you our adventures.

Soft yellow hue – the colour matching the third Chackra – symbol of sunlight, knowledge and energy. It also promotes extroversion and the ability to concentrate.

Arancino (warm orange) – “Comfort” double-bedroom


Views to the east with the sun rising majestically. A perfect disc provides a daily spectacle beyond compare. To the north the barn and the emerald green waters of the swimming pool are set against the hills.

This colour is a symbol of inner harmony, of artistic and sexual creativity, of confidence in ourselves and in others. Combined with the second Chackra it also symbolizes understanding, wisdom, balance and ambition.
It’s one of the largest rooms and can be equipped with a third bed.

Ritina – “Standard” double-bedroom


This bedroom faces east: the picturesque landscape cannot fail to induce string emotions. Find yourself immersed in the centre of the universe while your mind begins to dream…

The name of this room is a tribute to Silvia’s mother, Ritina. An extraordinary person for all her sweetness and tenacity in facing life, even in the most difficult circumstances, with an open smile and a generous heart.

Nanda – Double-bedroom at the ground floor


It is the only room on the ground floor. Large and airy, it is ideal for those who have difficulties with stairs or prefer to have a private outdoor area, where they can enjoy a glass of wine and a good book in the patio just outdoor, furnished with a table and some chairs. Views of the barn on the north side, the sunset on the west and the moon rising in the east …

Its name is a tribute to Paolo’s mother: “Grandma Nanda” a gorgeous, strong and positive woman. Her meatloaf was memorable.

Belvedere Suite

Look out of the Belvedere from one of its windows and you will be enchanted by the striking beauty of the landscape: to the north-west the profile of Siena merges on the horizon as the sky is ignited by the colors of the sunset; to the south, the lights of Montalcino on the hills; in the east the delicate colours of dawn. Sit outside with a glass of wine and enjoy this quiet, enveloping beauty.

The Suite is located on the top floor of the renovated barn situated a few meters from the main house. It is an open-space of 60 square meters; one large room that can accommodate 2-4 people.

A fully equipped open kitchen;
Working corner fireplace;
Free WiFi

The Belvedere Suite is also available to rent as ‘an apartment’ on a weekly basis. In this case, breakfast is available on request and can be booked on a daily basis.

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