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Provinciale Pieve a Salti, Località Salicotti, 53022 Buonconvento Siena


To have a more congenial and healthier pace of life, take some time! Nowadays time is a luxury, that no one can afford in busy everyday life. But for our body and our soul it is a necessity. We will give it to you… enjoy your time with the right rhythm at Podere Salicotto.


Salt water infinity pool with stunning views
Silvia and Paolo will open the door to a world in harmony with nature, welcoming you with their warm hospitality, like an old friend who shares their passion for quality and beauty with you. Find a new natural rhythm, listen, take your time. This is the true meaning of a slow travel holiday.

2 LifeStyle Giardino (Small)The garden and its quiet beauty
Here we enjoy sunrises and sunsets and culture is everywhere.

3 LifeStyle WFi (Small)Free WiFi everywhere
A fast connection is essential as even on holiday we know you like to keep in touch with the rest of the world.

4 LifeStyle Salone relax (Small)Living area
Relaxing also means to open a window on the world: slow travel to develop your own unique experiences with these places and the people. Here you have plenty opportunities to have a drink together, share travel experiences and, why not?, make new friends with travelers from all over the world.

BBQ with gorgeous views
Environmental awareness and love for animals are issues that are close to our heart. We also think that every personal choice needs respect, for example in our family Silvia is vegetarian and Paolo loves his steak!

If you wish to enjoy a BBQ, you can book our BBQ set in the morning. It consists of all you need to grill and set the table as well as a bottle of wine and our extra virgin olive oil. We ask for a small extra fee.

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